Shopping for All Things Wedding

Shopping for All Things Wedding

Wedding Wear

Weddings are special events for all who attend. Whether you are in the wedding party, a family member, or friend you will need an outfit for all the occasions including the wedding day itself. No matter what your role is in the wedding we have an outfit that will exceed your expectations. Here is where you will find what we would wear for any of those special days or nights

On the Guest List   

Calling all wedding guests! This styling section is just for you! You have been invited to a wedding this year and you are not sure of what to wear. The dress code may vary depending on the type of wedding but the only major dress code to remember is to not wear white. Even though the wedding spotlight is on the bride and groom you want to stand out and feel beautiful yourself. Here at Select Trends we have dresses galore for you to choose from. Whether you want long, short, fitted, flowy, pattern, or solid we have a dress for you. Hate dresses? We also have an assortment of jumpsuits, and rompers that can be a perfect fit for the occasion.


A simple dress, jumpsuit, or romper can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your style or the look you wish to achieve. Pair an array of heels, booties, or even sandals with your favorite dress. Gold or silver jewelry you ask? Whichever way you choose the assortment of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are here for you to choose from.

The “I do” Crew

 So, you have been given the honor to stand by the bride on her special day. There are multiple events leading up to the big day that you will need to dress to impress. You will need an outfit for the engagement party, all wedding showers, and the rehearsal dinner. Depending on the event and the dress code you could wear dresses, skirts, shorts, pants, or rompers. Lucky for you we have all of that and more. Some of these events may be more casual while others are more formal but either way you will glow from the inside out in whatever makes you feel the most confident and beautiful.


Bachelorette Trip

            You are about to have the trip of your life! All your girlfriends are along for the ride! There is list of planned events that you will be talking about for years to come. This trip is all about having fun and letting loose before your bride to be is tied down. The destination trip could be anything from Nashville the city of music or one of Florida’s finest beaches and we have you covered on every front! You want to everyone to know you are on a bachelorette trip? We have bride tribe attire! You will be spotted instantly! Need something hot pink with some added leather? We have it down to the shade of pink and the form of leather attire! Patterns, and other amazing options for your fun filled trip are at your fingertips in this styling section! Here at Select Trends Boutique we also have a swim collection that can be viewed and used for a trip to the beach. Hats, bags, and sandals are calling your name for your desired look!


Everything Bride

            Hey there bride to be! Your wedding will be one of the milestones that you remember for the rest of your life. It is a special time planning everything that goes into the process of your wedding, and it can sometimes be stressful but your outfits for every party, shower, and dinner do not have to be! This styling section includes everything bride. All the desired white outfits you will need for each event. Dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, tops, pants, and shorts all in the desired white shade can be found here at Select Trends Boutique! You are the center of attention, and it is a promise that whatever you choose from this section will have everyone gawking and in utter silence when you walk into the room! Your style will shine as bright as that diamond on your hand when you pick your perfect outfit from our everything bride styling section!


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