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About Us
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When you find one of the trendiest women's boutiques in the showroom of a classic car dealership, you know there must be a story!
About Us
As the story goes, Nicole, my oldest daughter and shopping buddy, announced we should open a women's clothing boutique. I was delighted with the idea.  But, there was a problem. I was already working six days a week at Select Motors, our family business.
My solution; to open it in the showroom of our classic car dealership. Horrified, she declared, "This will never work! I would never shop for a purse at the local Ford dealership!" 
However, determined to give it a shot, we tried to incorporate car gifts for guys along with jewelry, handbags, footwear, LSU and Saints merchandise.
I'll have to admit, as far as stores go, it was a flop!
A few years later my younger daughter, Danielle, now in high school thought we should add clothes to the mix. So, off to market we went. The goal, to buy cute clothes for her age group and mine. 
And just like that, Select Trends Boutique began to grow.  People loved the unique shopping experience.  We were determined to make our customers feel at home in our store. We wanted them to enjoy shopping with us as much as we enjoyed being there for them. We still giggle we men walk in the store with fear in there eyes of often declaring, "I must be lost!"
Fast forward to the year 2020.  In the middle of pandemic we were forced to temporarily close our doors.  Determined not to let this slow us down, we took the opportunity to grow our online store with intention of emerging as one of the most loved women's online boutiques.
We are incredibly excited you are here with us! We hope you enjoy the shopping experience. Let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!